Cleervue Model EM3/T Table Mounted “Enclosure Style” Mill Guard

Designed especially for Vertical Turret Mills for mounting on the machine table, this style of safety guard is especially suitable for light semi production machining or for use in a teaching environment giving maximum protection for unskilled operators.   This model guard has two upper sliding panels.   The largest is at the right top of the front right panel and is for giving access to the quill hand feed lever.   The second sliding panel is at the top of the right hand end panel and when opened provides clearance for a Digital Readout Control which when fitted to a turret mill is usually fitted on the right hand side on an adjustable arm.   The two end panels can be opened for machining extra long workpieces.  Guard is bolted to table through slotted mounting bars at each end providing considerable adjustment across table for clearance around protruding vices etc.  Safety rated 2NC micro switches are fitted to monitor opening of the two front panels.

This guard does not include front or rear fill in panels at table level or rear guarding due to the variety of possible requirements however these additional panels are not often fitted.  Guard is supplied with tee slot nuts to suit customer machine requirements.

Note that shorter models to suit shorter tables are available upon request.


Cleervue EM3



Table length – overall.

Specify, supplied to order.

Height of guard

Width of end panels


Between 1000mm & 1500mm