About Framework Design

Framework Design Ltd has been involved in the assessment, design, manufacture, installation and importing of industrial machinery and plant safety guarding since 1999. We operate in all environments where industrial machinery is used and required to be compliant with safety and health standards.

Today, a large segment of our business is in the supply and often installation of safety guards for such machinery as metalworking lathes, milling machines grinders and drilling machines as well as wood finishing machinery such as panel saws, bobbin sanders, bandsaws etc. In parallel with this core business we supply guarding for a wide range of machinery from food processing machinery, winery machinery, plastics industry, packaging and printing machinery.

We offer consulting services to industry and government departments and can provide risk assessments or safety audits for all machinery. This can involve a particular piece of machinery or a complete factory of machinery. When we complete safety audits we provide in addition to hazard identification and compliance advice, the even more important and often lacking solutions! We have the experience, knowledge of machinery and the technical skills to identify safety needs, practical production and maintenance needs and to provide efficient solutions including design and building of special custom guarding if required.

We continue to supply and work with Government Departments, small medium and large manufacturers, the resource industries, universities, schools, offshore ships and we are constantly scanning the world for additional products and services that provide a safer, more pleasant and more environmentally friendly working environment.


Leader in the production of safety guards equipment for machine tools SINCE 1994 Now in New Zealand and distributed by Framework Design Ltd

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MADE IN ITALY – Research and innovation = quality and safety

Since 1994, when Tecno Più started, the Vision of the company has always been to produce accident-prevention safety guards for tooling machines with the quality and technological innovation of its design, thus creating the most heavy-duty and versatile products currently on the market. The company’s watchword is “Safety is not a Target, It is a Way of Life”, in that safety at work is not a goal to reach but it is a “choice of life”. This means the company does not simply aim to provide safety equipment to safeguard workers but to understand that working in a quality and safe environment is the first rule of a good employee and the best choice for anyone.

This goal has been reached using systems designed by Tecno Più such as the rubber articulated arms to speed up the guard’s set-up, the use of materials selected with the aim to decrease the weight of the system while keeping unchanged resistance to collisions, the ability to find solutions to possible operating problems so to optimize work reducing downtime, these are all characteristics that made Tecno Più a world leading company in the field of safety guards for tooling machines.

The whole Tecno Più commercial sales network is composed of agents with proven technical skills. They can provide support and professional solutions to identify the type of product according to the customer’s need. Working with Framework Design’s local New Zealand knowledge they will provide the best safety guard solutions in New Zealand.

The information supplied by the customer or obtained by the commercial office, is used by the engineering department to establish the features of the safety guard producing a graphic project on3D software. Tecno Più invested considerable resources in order to produce and implement suitable 3D software for designing, planning and accomplishing even complex protection systems which can be personalized on the customer’s request.

Tecno Più production system, totally managed by a sophisticated software, handles customer’s requests rapidly including for non-standard configurations. The operations are monitored by procedures according to the standard ISO 9001.

When the job orders are ready, all safety guards are marked with labels showing their registration number if necessary. The guards are then suitably packed to make sure the products and their finishes remain undamaged before being delivered to customers. Tecno Più works with couriers and selected transportation companies which allows tracking of all deliveries at all stages.

All Tecno Più staff work in a tight team totally focused on the final goal: customer satisfaction.
From the storeman to the designer, everyone works ac-cording to the standard ISO 9001 which regulates quality management, the real watchword of the company.

Our engineering department is available to accomplish any customer’s request or necessary modification and to inform or update customers about the current safety regulations in force.


Tecno Più produces safety systems and customized guards for special machines, the custom guards are made of extruded aluminium profile and anti-shock plastic material, steel-metal or net.

Design, if not provided directly, is developed in cooperation with the customer to meet any requirement, from the simplest to the most complex.

Tecno Più Team, from the designer to the assembler, is constantly seeking the best possible solutions to satisfy, successfully, all requests submitted.

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Fax: 09 412 8701


26 Princes Street, Riverhead,
Auckland 0820, New Zealand