Cleervue BP-2 Column Mounted Drill Guard

This drill guard is designed for small to medium sized drilling machines, which are typically belt driven. The guard is mounted by clamping to the rear column (pillar) and has an adjustable polycarbonate lower vision section.  The guard is generally supplied with safety rated micro switch, Reference Model BP-2E. A range of different column clamps is supplied as standard.

Cleervue BP2 Drill Guard

Cleervue BP2 Drill Guard


Column clamp range

Approx distance

Column face to centre of guard, adjustable

Minimum guard depth with lower section adjusted up.

Maximum Guard depth with lower section adjusted down.


50 to 75mm

185 – 250mm




Cleervue Model BP-3

Designed specifically for the various models of  UK manufactured Herbert, Archdale and Pollard / Corona production drilling machines.   Please refer to the below drawings to identify  ordering requirements.


Brand of Drilling machine.

Model of drilling machine.

Dimensions of slot or dovetail

Standard or with safety interlock.

Cleervue BP-3 Drill Guard

Cleervue BP-3 Drill Guard